Welcome to Lean Agile Techniques

Are you frustrated your IT department is not delivering what you wanted, when you wanted it and still costs a fortune?
I can teach your staff techniques to create sustainable efficiencies to deliver what the customer wants, faster and cheaper.


– Lean Agile Consulting
– Value Mapping
– Training Courses
– Coaching Teams


Get an overview of the interrelationships of Lean, Agile and DevOps, or a more detailed understanding of each component. Classroom training can be provided in association with Lean Sigma Institute, with option to obtain certification as part of the ISO18404 set of competencies.


Developing quality software efficiently is one thing, but how do you deliver quickly it to the customers without compromising on compliance, risk profiling and operational cost blowouts. Lean Agile Techniques can show you how to speed up the operational delivery acceptance processes, and improve performance measures in production.

David Stanton

IT Professional

David Stanton is a pragmatic lean delivery manager and thought leader, driving continuous low risk improvements and cost effective delivery.