“Would you like to learn how to minimise your
end to end technology investment delivering value”


Classroom training in association with Lean Sigma Institute, with option to
obtain certification as part of the ISO18404 set of competencies

Lean Agile Overview

(One day course)

Lean – What is lean and where is waste usually found Agile – How Agile aligns well to Lean and essential for DevOps DevOps – Streamlining development to operation execution

Lean Practitioner

(Two day course)

Lean – Identifying wasted time and money Agile – Applying Agile in the real world

Lean Leader

(One day course)

Lean Business Case – Quickly creating accountable documents Team Building – Creating collaborative and knowledgeable teams to deliver the value you customers want

Lean Expert

(One day course)

"If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

Key Stats

0 times

agile techniques are more likely to SUCCEED than traditional processes

0 %

More traditional large projects FAIL compared to Agile failures

0 %

More traditional small projects FAIL compared to Agile failures


Lean Agile Techniques in action. Applying lean improvements to improve software development process flow, coach team members and run training sessions


Working with an individual or team, to coach on process improvement methods and activities

Agile Techniques

Run training sessions on Lean Techniques

Value Mapping

Working with Line management to identify waste and drive improvements